Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Music Mix

Had a few hot days already, and memorial day is now behind us, time to make a summer playlist on that iPod.

Lover's Carvings - Bibio
Loro - Pinback
Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
Free and Easy (Down the Road I go) - Dierks Bentley
I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix) - Jackson 5
Fun Fun Fun - The Beach Boys
Break My Stride - Graham BLVD
Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra
Where the Streets Have no Name - U2
One Headlight - The Wallflowers
Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley
House of Cards - Radiohead
Homecoming - Kanye West
Summer of 69' (MTV Unplugged version) - Bryan Adams
New Soul - Yael Naim
Life in Technicolor II - Coldplay
Blue Moon - Billie Holiday
Night Train - James Brown
1901 - Phoenix
Zomer - Andre Hazes
No ones gonna Love you - Band of Horses
Ring the Alarm - Tenor Saw
New York State of Mind - Billy Joel ( from 12 Gardens Live)
Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
Cannonball - Breeders
Brimful of Asha - Cornershop
Rise - Eddie Vedder
Non, Je ne regrette rien - Edith Piaf
Stop this Train - John Mayer (from Where The Light Is-Live)
Nothing but Flowers - Guster
Shelter from the Storm - Bob Dylan
Go Do - Jonsi
Tangerine - Led Zeppelin
Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima
Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay
Pink Moon - Nick Drake

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in MUSIC

Some of the better songs released this year;

Ben Folds/Nick Hornby- Picture Window

Best Coast- Crazy for you

Broken Bells- Citizen, The Mall & Misery, (They sound like the Shins)

The Black Keys- Everlasting Light, Next Girl

Cee Lo Green- Forget You (yes, the clean version)

Coldplay- Christmas Lights (Only song released by them this year)

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds (Live in Las Vegas) - You & Me, Some Devil

Drake- Karaoke, Fireworks

K’Naan- Waving Flag

Girl Talk- Jump on Stage (mixing ODB with Radiohead, amazing!)

Jack Johnson- You and your heart, No good with faces, What you thought you need

Janelle Monae- Tight Rope

Jonsi- Go Do, Tornado, Sinking friendships, Hengilas

Kanye West- Lost in the world (best intro of 2010)

Mariah Carey- One child

One Republic- All the Right Moves

Train- Hey Soul Sister

Tallest Man on Earth- Thousand ways (most of the album is good, sounds like Dylan allot)

Vampire Weekend- Horchata, Holiday, California English, Taxi Cab

Walkmen- Lisbon (great electric guitar sound on this song)

*A 2010 discovery of a 2009 album was Coeur De Pirate’s debut album by the same name.

And Florence and the Machine-Dog days are over is another one I missed in 09.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 in Music

So 2009 was in my mind not a super great year for music, some good stuff did come out but I can't say that I liked a whole entire album this year. So it's on to a list of songs. Following are some of my favorite songs of 2009 in random order. Listening to these will always remind me of this year.

Artist: Song:
The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You, January Wedding, The perfect space
Phoenix: 1901, Girlfriend
David Bowie: Life on Mars? (from VH1 Story Tellers cd)
U2: Magnificent, I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight
Dave Matthews Band: Baby Blue
John Mayer: Heartbreak warfare, All we do is say goodbye, War of my life
The Decemerists: The hazrds of love 4 (The Drowned)
Eels: In my dreams, No ordinary man
JayZ: Emipre State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)
Peter, Bjorn, and John: Nothing to worry about
Andrea Bocelli: What child is this? (feat. Mary J. Blidge)
Ben Folds: Cologne, You don't know me (feat. Regina Spektor), Kylie from Connecticut
Bon Iver: Blood Bank
The Lonely Island: Lazy Sunday (Chronicles of Narnia)
Lisa Hanigan: Ocean and a Rock
Grizzly Bear: Two weeks
The Swell Season: Paper cup
Black Eyed Peas: I gotta feeling
Sufjan Stevens: Movement II: Sleeping invader, Postlude: Critical Mass
Madeleine Peyroux: Everybody's talkin'
Feist: Mushaboom (from the soundtrack for "500 Days of Summer")
N.A.S.A.: Gifted (feat. Kanye West)
Marco Borsato: Dochters
Owl City: Fireflies (popy I know, but closest we'll get to The Postal Service for now...)
Mariah Carey: I want to know what Love is
Regina Spektor: Eet, Man of a thousand faces, Us
Moby: Study War
Ben Folds: Magic (from: Ben Folds presents University A Cappella)

I wanted to add two songs by Alicia Keys from her Unplugged album, even though this did not come out in 2009, I hadn't heard it before this year, which is weird cuz I have most of her stuff. Anyway the songs are; How come you don't call me, and Wild Horses. Wild Horses is a Rolling Stones cover, I think Susan Boyle did her own version of that song this year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What else can I say? Its a life! or... a girl changes everything!

My blog was on its way to becoming a cliche, you know the one where you look for a key word using Google and someone's blog from 2002 pops up and their January post was the last one. 

Anyway, we're having a girl! Yeah it's crazy but I think I can handle it. Even though I had reasons for wanting either gender, its good to finally know now. (Google: tips for raising girls).

So much preparation, and of course in our society, so little time, but time won't wait and neither will our little girl. I become overwhelmed and excited in small intervals at the thought of being a parent, while looking forward to having the title I've wanted most my life. And I see how marriage takes on yet another purpose.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Family Member

Airport Music

I flew on 8 flights in the past month or so. Walking through busy airports, getting on and off planes all require music. There's something about walking in a maze of people listening to music that makes you feel like you're not participating in it all and provides the continuing soundtrack of life.

I walk and watch as a mother struggles to get her kid to sit down in her stroller, I see a family standing in line to get overpriced food, I watch as Tony Dungy & family get on a plane in Tampa, I watch as my wife tries to finish a 32 oz. smoothie, I observe 70% of the people I see on their cell phones, I flip through a commemorative issue of People magazine, I search for seat 11c all while music accompanies the scenery.

My "flight plan" mix:

All along The Watchtower (Alternate)-Jimmy Hendrix
Fidelity-Regina Spektor
Talk (thin white duke mix)-Coldplay
Landed-Ben Folds
Forever Blue-Little River Band
Big Love-Fleetwood Mac
Baba O'Riley-The Who
God Only Knows-The Beach Boys
Welcome to The Jungle-Guns n' Roses
Virtual Insanity-Jamiroquai
Radio Nowhere-Bruce Springsteen
Magic-Ben Folds
The Payback-James Brown
Begin-Brendan James
Life in Technicolor II-Coldplay

Jimmy Hendrix and James Brown were best for walking through the crowd/deplaning.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

When you have some time to reflect, what do you think about? I mean, is it ever structured? I recently was thinking...

Monday, January 12, 2009


When we deem or say that something is unbiblical, what is really meant? Can something be considered unbiblical simply because we feel it's wrong?, or does the term "unbiblical" have to mean that something goes against what the bible clearly states. The fact that we can "derive" from the bible that A, B, and C are wrong can be seen as mere personal interpretation rather than universal truth. So where does one draw the line? What can be agreed on? Should there be a standard? Hopefully there isn't one apart from the word itself. This thought came to me in church on sunday.